Opportunities for FREE Cryptocurrency! (September 2017)

So once in a while, some great new ways to get into cryptocurrency come along. And no, I’m not talking about faucets. Now sure, faucets can be fun, but you won’t be getting rich off of them anytime soon. No, this is much better.

There are few ICO’s offering absolutely free tokens! The two that I am personally aware of right now (as of September 3rd 2017), are WCX and Authorship. We’ll give you the rundown of what each of these projects plan to do.



WCX is an upcoming decentralized cryptocurrency exchange being built by a team of developers from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM. There are several cool things you should know about. First, their fees will be 10x lower than the industry standard. Likewise, their exchange will be able to handle an incredible million trades per second. This kind of precision is what many of us have been looking for in an exchange, and it will finally become a reality.

All of this is great, but this is the part I think you’ll love the most. WCX is offering its own tokens, which will essentially act as shares in the exchange. 20% of all fees on the exchange will be paid as dividends to WCX token holders. Right now, you can get over $5 in free WCX tokens JUST by using my referral link below. Likewise, we both get some awesome benefits. For one, I’ll get an extra 50 tokens for referring you, as well as a 5% bonus based on any WCX tokens you buy. But the benefits you will see are much bigger. Signing up via my referral link will give you a huge 15% bonus on all WCX tokens you buy. So, buying 1000 tokens via the ICO will give you an extra 150 tokens as a bonus! Right now, they are running a high-volume presale, but the full ICO begins October 1st. However, the closed beta is happening right now, so WCX does have a working product.

Sign up now using my referral link, and after doing that, use your own referral link to get your friends to sign up. We all get a share in this awesome new exchange, and we will begin building true passive income over time! So what are you waiting for? Sign up at the link below!



Next up is Authorship. This asset aims to turn the book publishing process upside down! Simply, it will make the process of publishing, editing, and translating, expedited through the blockchain. Now I’m not much a “book reader” per se. Most of my reading consists of online news and the like. However, those who do enjoying reading should certainly find the publishing process being expedited via the blockchain extremely innovative. If you sign up using the referral link below, we each will receive 75 FREE Authorship tokens. That is over $10 worth of Authorship at the starting price.

Now remember, the Authorship ICO started over two weeks ago (August 15th), and ends less than two weeks from now. That is, September 14th. So if you plan to get your free tokens, or even invest, you’re better off just doing it now. This is a project that I do personally believe in, and I have invested some ETH into myself. But by using my referral link below, you have nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain. Remember, after signing up, tell your friends about it and get some Authorship referrals for yourself!


We really hope you enjoyed this article, as well as learned a couple things along the way. We’re glad we could pass along a couple of opportunities for free cryptocurrencies. Given the way the cryptocurrency world has boomed in the last several months, it would be foolish to turn down free cryptocurrency!

As always, we appreciate your support as well as your donations to our project! Good luck, and have a great and prosperous day! 🙂

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